Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Procrastination Monster

After several weeks absence I have finally made it back to the blog! The past month and a half have been rather difficult with my 'day' job, ending with me leaving the company entirely last week. I'm pleased to announce that being paid minimum wage to make cocktails in a not entirely fancy bar is far more enjoyable than having a grown-ups job, and I think for the immediate future I'm going to be focusing on Fanny a bit more.

The danger of freelancing for me is that I'm not much of an independent learner. Since the days of revising for my GCSEs (which I never really committed to, there was a lot of last minute cramming) I have know that the best way for me to learn and work is in a supervised room. It's not that I don't have a good work ethic, and more that I have an excellent procrastination ethic. This often leads to sitting, staring and occasionally (oh who am I kidding, ALWAYS) leads to baking cakes for no one in particular. I have tried to curb the impulse over the years, and while at university I made a real effort to finish my work a few days ahead of schedule so that I never had to endure the panic of writing a portfolio in a day (May 20th 2008 - the longest day of my life) but now that I have left academia I can feel the procrastination monster creeping back in to m head. 

The procrastination monster is a very bad thing. He tells me to watch box sets, and stare out of the window. Sometimes he lets me write my blog, but only if I promise to read Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan-fic afterwards. I struggle against his mighty will, but to no avail. He always wins this epic battle, normally because I get easily distracted by shiny things. But I have a cunning plan. As I am now a minimum wage schlub with no social life or ready cash, I aim to spend the next couple of months drastically improving my overall self, starting with all the costumes in my wardrobe that no longer fit because of my other mortal enemy, the Stress-Eating Monster. Today consisted mainly of hula-hooping to loud pop music, followed by an attempt at a sit up. Tomorrow I plan to introduce the lunge. I'm excited.

In addition to this half-hearted attempt at fitness I will also be spending a lot more time here, in order to start working more effectively on my research, practise and general life enjoyment. I understand this also means a lot of fan-fic. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

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