Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ooooh, networking!

I Tweet, therefore I am.
Since I last ventured into blogland they've only gone and changed the bloomin' layout! It's been an interesting couple of days internet-wise, as I've had to sharpen my networking claws and get stuck into the messy and often brutal world of social networking for business! My new job involves me using the internet (and my general wiles) to make people come and drink in my lovely bar, where I also serve fabulous cocktails for a reasonable rate MINUS service charge. Resultantly, I have had to learn how to use twitter this week. It confuses me greatly at the moment, because it feels a little too much like standing on a box and letting every thought I have spill out into a megaphone to a disinterested crowd. Which is less than comforting for me, a serious artist (stop laughing), and so initially I was a bit sceptical. However, I have begun to think that maybe twitter is an ideal solution to my biggest problem of all - my limited blogspot audience (both of you). Within 3 hours of being on bloody twitter I had double that, and that's without sending out pity pleas to my facebook friends who are now so cool that they only facebook through their twitter. And so I'm tweeting. I think. I still can't work out how to read the news feed.

In other news, I joined a dating website this week. I've resisted the urge for a good long while because I'm not ready to commit to owning lots of cats, but so far this particular website seems slightly less...depressing. First of all, it's endorsed by Sarah Beeny, a bona fide C-list celebrity (that's a compliment, she's right up there with Sian off BBC Breakfast) and second of all, I appear to be fairly popular so far...which is a little concerning when you consider the fact that I have had limited (read: zero) interest since moving to London from eligible men (though plenty of teenagers and sociopaths have had a go). The catch with this website is pretty interesting - your friend writes a testimonial for you that others should use to find out more about you. Which is really nice actually. So as of tomorrow, I'm going to stop checking their pictures before reading the blurb. Until then, I'm afraid I shall mainly be shallow. I should probably go over the terms and conditions again...

Paper Dress Test Run
I've had a couple of gigs recently with my favourite men The Boom Boom Booms, most recently at Bloomsbury Bowling Alley. I always like to take something new along for the boys, as they are a lot of fun and regular bookers (in fact in the past 6 months I think they've made up half of my work - I really need an agent!) and this month was no exception. The Booms have recently launched a rockabilly/rock n' roll night called 'Aliens Ate My Cadillac', and I have performed twice at this night, to mixed reactions. As the first night was at Paper Dress Vintage Boutique in Shoreditch, I made a Paper Dress and matching accessories for the occasion. I discovered a 5 minute method for constructing a dress that worked impossibly well, as well as looking amazing! Unfortunately when I arrived for the gig I realised I had not packed any of the 10 newspapers I had stockpiled at my flat. Thankfully one of the musicians was kind enough to go on a news hunt for me, and the dress was successfully constructed, before being callously destroyed 5 minutes later.

So generally it's been an interesting couple of weeks, and I have a few new routines in the pipeline (more 80's rock, I know you all love it so) to keep me busy! Stay tuned, next week I aim to learn how to trend...

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